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Wooden Bed







Fashion Bedding

Our collections all include matching and complementary sheets, comforters, duvet covers, quilts, pillows, shams and skirts. When consumers choose one of our collections, they have everything they need to create the perfect look, in the style they love.

DUVET Covers

The filled duvet cover is used for providing warmth to the body and not used as a bed sheet

made with different closers like buttons or zip

Hotel Bedding

We are proud to provide bedding for renowned hotels, resorts, and other institutions. We have a proven record providing institutional grade bedding that stands the test of time. We use more durable threads, weaving innovations and finishing processes to create bedding that continues to look inviting and ensure comfort.


We can supply high quality pillows in USA market as per demand in different qualities

Utility Bedding

Our focus creates more quality and value for our clients and consumers. We use the latest technologies to create a variety of products with the properties consumers are looking for – namely anti-static, waterproof, and antimicrobial qualities

Jersey  Sheets

We are suppling Jersey Fitted sheets with different finishes that gives you best sleeping experience and easy to apply on beds and comfortably to remove for washing, recommended for heavy beds


Using micro fibers and high tech technology of fillings give even filling and softness and makes more spongy 

Long lasting life and fully washable, made with different thread counts

Safe & Comfort

Our target is to provide high comfort sleeping experience and safe to use, our Antimicrobial and stain free finish will provide the stress less sleep

Thanks to all of our clients for choosing us as vendor 

High Quality Customized Products

We have huge product range to choose best for our client to make customize production as per their clients 

Private Label Products to extend your Brand

We are always flexible to offer private label products so you can promote your own brand in market

Flexible Manufacturing and Smaller MOQ

Every order is important to as our client so we are flexible in production to offer you the small Quantity/LCL Orders also

On Time Deliveries & Better Service

We are committed for on-time deliveries and better service 

Quick response will be provided for all the quieries


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